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521002P Orientation to Computer Science and Engineering, 5 ECTS cr 
Code 521002P  Validity 01.08.2015 -
Name Orientation to Computer Science and Engineering  Abbreviation Orientation to 
Scope5 ECTS cr   
TypeBasic Studies Discipline4307 Information Engineering 
  Grading1 - 5, pass, fail 
Unit Computer Science and Engineering DP 

Riku Hietaniemi 

ECTS Credits 


Language of instruction 

Main language is Finnish, but can be completed with English.


Course will be arranged during Autumn / Spring in periods I-II. Course is obligatory for first year computer engineering students.


Learning outcomes 

1. Student understands the characteristics of studying in computer science and engineering program and knows about the devices and software related to the studies.

2. Student has created his personal study plan, participates in community activities, and is aware of the challenges related to studying.

3. Student has gained hands-on experience with computer gadgets, Linux systems, agile software development tools and scientific computing environment.

4. Student understands how microcontroller devices operate and how signal data can be manipulated using Matlab software environment.

5. Student has gained knowledge on scientific principles (academic responsibility, studying and ways of work) and understands the responsibility over his personal studies.

6. Student knows his degree program, key university personnel, tutor and small group.

7. Student has become acquainted with the degree structure, goals and content, and knows how to create a personal study plan (HOPS) to achieve the degree.

8. Student has practical knowledge about initializing his studies and utilizing Lukkari service to plan and manage his studies and time use.


Comprises of the following sections: Study planning, studying in communities, introduction to Matlab computing environment, introduction to Linux systems, introduction to agile software development tools, and introduction to programmable gadgets.

Mode of delivery 

Course is based on blended teaching (web-based teaching + face-to-face teaching).


Learning activities and teaching methods 

Lectures: 2+4 h (student counseling) 4+4 h (seminars) 6 h (introduction to Matlab 4 h (introduction to Linux systems) = 24 h Group work: 20 h (small-group meetings) 7 h (introduction to programmable gadgets -> one day) 3*4h (introduction to agile tools) PSP Advising 2 h = 41 h Self-studying: 70 h (study planning and follow-up, self study) Linux-systems and programmable gadgets are organized as one-day courses. Introductions to Matlab and agile software development tools are given as three lectures. The courses give guided introductions to scientific computation environments, agile tools, Linux systems and programmable gadgets in order to get student acquainted with the tools and technologies they need in their further studies. The sections require attendance in the organized seminars, guided teaching sessions and small-group meetings as well as creating personal study plan, time tracking and reporting. To pass Orientation to computer science course and get credits, all sections of the course must be passed.

Target group 

Computer science and engineering students.


Prerequisites and co-requisites 


Recommended optional programme components 

The course is designed to carry out in the first year while planning and following obligatory studies in computer science and engineering.

Recommended or required reading 

Study material is provided during guided teaching and seminars.

Assessment methods and criteria 

The course utilizes continuous assessment. To pass sub-sections, student is required to attend in the organized seminars and guided teaching sessions, creating personal study plan, time tracking and reporting.


The course will be graded as “pass / fail”.


Person responsible 

Riku Hietaniemi

Working life cooperation 


Other information 



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registration period has not begun Orientation to Computer Science and Engineering  Course  Riku Hietaniemi  03.09.18 -11.12.18

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