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080712A Surgery I, 16-24 ECTS cr 
Code 080712A  Validity 01.08.2005 -
Name Surgery I  Abbreviation Surgery I 
Scope16-24 ECTS cr   
Type Intermediate Studies Discipline5401 Medicine 
  Grading1 - 5, pass, fail 
Preceding studies
all these courses/examinations
    040103A Medical Biochemictry and Molecular Biology
    040106A Pharmacology and toxicology
    040112A Physiology
    040201A Anatomy and medical cell and developmental biology
    040119A Microbiology
Unit Medicine 

Leppilahti, Juhana Ilmari 

ECTS Credits  18 ECTS-credits 
Language of instruction  Finnish.


Timing  C 5-6 
Learning outcomes 

After the course the students will be familiar with surgical thinking and be able to work in the first aid clinic, in a surgical operating-room and in a surgical ward. The students will 1) know how to speak to and examine a surgical patient, 2) be able to diagnose surgical diseases, 3) know the basics of surgical care, and 4) be able to utilize the most usual treatment procedures used in the public health centres. 

Contents  Theoretical part

The propedeutics in General surgery, Gastroenterological surgery, Urology, Orthopedics and Traumatology and in Thoracic and Vascular surgery.

Practical part

Guided and self-made patient examination and planning of treatment strategy, the group teachings in every surgical speciality, the theme teaching days, the surgical wound care, teaching in operating theatres, teaching in the surgical out-patients clinic and the practice in surgical wards.

Learning activities and teaching methods  Lessons in every surgical speciality, the theme days concerning important surgical topics, the group teachings in surgical wards and policlinics of specific topics, clinical practices in wound care, teaching in the operating theatres, practice and teaching in surgical out-patients clinics, practice at surgical wards.
The practice at surgical wards (both in University hospital and in some Central hospital of the Northern Finland) includes clinical examination of 6 surgical patients and the practice in operating theatres assisting in 3 operative procedures. 
Recommended or required reading  Roberts, Alhava, Höckerstedt, Kivilaakso: Kirurgia. Kustannus OY Duodecim Helsinki. 1. painos 2004.
Rokkanen. Slätis, Alho, Ryöppy, Huittinen: Traumatologia. Kandidaattikustannus. Helsinki. 6. painos
Tunturi, Pätiälä, Rokkanen: Kirurgiset pientoimenpiteet. Tampereen Lääketieteellinen Kandidaattiseura. 4. painos
Rokkanen, Tervo, Avikainen. Käytännön ortopediaa. 2003.
Nurmi, Lukkarinen, Ruutu, Taari, Tammela: Urologia. Kustannus OY Duodecim. Helsinki. 2002. 
Assessment methods and criteria  Taking part into the group teaching events, theme days and practices in surgical wards, intermediate examinations I and II, 6 reports of examinations of surgical patients, assisting in 3 surgical operations, serving three evenings at the surgical emergency room clinic and serving two evenings in surgical operative unit for emergency surgery. 
Grading  The final score of surgery is based on final exam. Mid-term exam is accepted if at least 50% of total score is made. Serving as older assistant can raise end marking by 6 points. 
Person responsible  Professor Tatu Juvonen and professor Jyrki Mäkelä 
Other information  Surgery II (C11-12) and optional courses I and II ( C11-12) 

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