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040112A Physiology, 15 ECTS cr 
Code 040112A  Validity 01.08.2005 -
Name Physiology  Abbreviation PHYSIOLOGY 
Scope15 ECTS cr   
TypeBasic Studies Discipline5401 Medicine 
  Grading1 - 5, pass, fail 
Unit Medicine 

Vuolteenaho, Olli Jaakko Tuomas 

ECTS Credits  15op 
Language of instruction 

Mainly Finnish, part of lectures and practical in English

Timing  C3 
Learning outcomes 

After completion of the course the student:
- knows the principles of the function, regulation, and interrelations of the cells, tissues and organ systems of the healthy human being, as required for independent work as a physician or dentist
- can evaluate the knowledge and apply it for investigations of clinical physiological problems and mechanisms of diseases
- can follow and evaluate the development of physiology as a science, and maintain and improve knowledge in it
- can apply knowledge in physiology for acquiring, evaluating and reporting scientific medical and dental information

After reaching the learning aims the student has sufficient knowledge and skills in physiology for studies leading to the degrees of Licenciate of Medicine and Licenciate of Dentistry, and for continuous learning.



1. Cell physiology
2. Organ physiology
3. Physiological regulation and integrative physiology
4. Clinical physiology

Learning activities and teaching methods 

Guidance and tutorial (3 h), lectures (100 h), practicals (28 h), English-language group discussion (2 h), term papers (6 h), independent study (255 h), interim ja final examinations (6 h)

Recommended or required reading 

Textbook: Ganong's Review of Medical Physiology (most recent edition). The availability of the textbook in the library can be checked here.

Practicals Textbook (in Finnish): Fysiologian harjoitustyöt (Oulun yliopiston oppimateriaalia-sarja, Lääketiede D 3, most recent edition)
Lecture notes can be found in Optima Environment ( 
Assessment methods and criteria 
Lectures, attending the English-language group discussion and practicals, completing the term papers, passing the examinations. There are three attempts for each examination.

Numerical grades for interim & final examinations and term paper II (1-3/fail). Assessment of practicals and term paper (pass/fail). Attending the final examination requires prior passing of the interim examination, both term papers, practicals, and English-language group discussion. The final grade for Physiology (1-5/fail) is based on the grades obtained from term paper II (weight 10%), interim examination (30%) and final examination (60%). Corresponding studies abroad are assessed case-by-case on the basis of official documentation.

Person responsible  Professor Olli Vuolteenaho 
Other information 

Physiology for Medical and Dental curricula


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