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080713A Internal Medicine II, (Additional Studies of Internal Medicine), 3-9 ECTS cr 
Code 080713A  Validity 01.08.2010 -
Name Internal Medicine II, (Additional Studies of Internal Medicine)  Abbreviation Internal Medici 
Scope3-9 ECTS cr   
Type Intermediate Studies Discipline5401 Medicine 
  Grading1 - 5, pass, fail 
Unit Medicine 

Savolainen, Markku 

ECTS Credits  3 ECTS 
Language of instruction  Finnish 
Timing  Year 6, Semester 11 
Learning outcomes  This course gives the student advanced knowledge in internal medicine and skills of critical thinking. The student is able to treat the patients appropriate way in health care system. The student understands the significance of different levels of health care.


Contents  Essential issues of internal medicine and geriatrics. 
Learning activities and teaching methods  Internal medicine
1. Lectures 9 h.
2. Seminars 6 h. Attendance is compulsory.

1. Small group classes 2 h. Attendance is compulsory.
2. Seminars 16 h. Attendance is compulsory.

Recommended optional programme components  Student must have completed the course of Internal Medicine I. 
Recommended or required reading  Tilvis, R, Hervonen A, Jäntti P, Lehtonen A, Sulkava A: Geriatria (2001), Kustannus Oy Duodecim 
Assessment methods and criteria  Attendance at compulsory teaching. Final exam of internal medicine. 
Grading  Exam consists of eight short essays. Six points is maximum / essay. Exam is failed if the total points are less than 20 or if one of the essays is worth of 0 points.

The final grade of internal medicine consists of the final exam and the exams of endocrinology and metabolic diseases, cardiology and ECG, kidney diseases, haematology, rheumatology and gastroenterology.
Proportion of final exam is 50% and proportion of smaller exams is 50% in the final grade of internal medicine.
Total points of exams and the grading scale:
51.7 -60.0 → 5, 43.4 - 51.6 → 4, 35.1 - 43.3 → 3, 26.8 - 35.0 → 2,
18.5 - 26.7 → 1.


Person responsible  Professor Antero Kesäniemi (



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