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902007Y Scientific Communication, 1.5 ECTS cr 
Code 902007Y  Validity 01.08.1995 -
Name Scientific Communication  Abbreviation Scientific Comm 
Scope1.5 ECTS cr   
TypeLanguage and Communication Studies Discipline8006 Language studies, English 
  Grading1 - 5, pass, fail 
Preceding studies
    A540104 Awarded Title: Bachelor of Medicine
Unit Languages and Communication 

Eva Braidwood 

Proficiency level 



This course is compulsory for the students who have chosen English. An alternative course is 903008Y German.

Required proficiency level 

Students are expected to have had English as their A1 or A2 language at school or to have acquired equivalent skills.

ECTS Credits 

1,5 ECTS credits


Students in the degree program of

o medicine: 4th year fall term

o dentistry: 3rd year spring term

 o wellness technology: 1st year fall term

Learning outcomes 

The learning outcomes to be obtained by students include the following skills
- accuracy of pronunciation, word stress and intonation especially in the language used for professional and academic communication in the student's field of study,
- using English fluently and accurately to communicate knowledge and express opinions in a conversation relating to the target field,
- an ability to summarize orally texts on professional and academic topics in the target field,- an ability to give a presentation on a professional or academic topic relating to the student's field of study.

Students with adequate oral skills previously acquired, may choose, as an alternative, a writing course with learning outcomes including an ability
- to write a research article that follows the main discourse conventions of the target field,
- to use grammatical patterns that are stylistically appropriate for the research articles of the target field,
- to use general scientific vocabulary and field specific terminology in an idiomatic way,
- to create field-specific patterns of text structure, 
- to develop a systematic argument with supporting detail. 

Target group 

Students in the degree programs of medicine, dentistry, and wellness technology

Recommended or required reading 

Information will be provided at the beginning of the course.

Assessment methods and criteria 

Assessment is based on active participation in classroom activities, completion of home assignments and the presentations given/completion of writing assignments.


The evaluation scale is 1-5.

Person responsible 

Eva Braidwood

Other information 

Medical students sign up for the course in WebOodi from August 15th-22nd 2011. Information on the time and place of the classes will be provided in Optima and WebOodi.

Wellness technology and dentistry students sign up at their departments.



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