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080204A Oncology, 4 ECTS cr 
Code 080204A  Validity 01.01.1950 -
Name Oncology  Abbreviation Oncology 
Scope4 ECTS cr   
Type Intermediate Studies Discipline5401 Medicine 
  Grading1 - 5, pass, fail 
Preceding studies
    A540111 Five Years of Medical Studies completed
Unit Medicine 

Karihtala, Peeter Johannes 
Turpeenniemi-Hujanen, Taina Marjatta 

ECTS Credits  4.0 op 
Timing  C 11 
Learning outcomes  After the course the student should have comprehensive knowledge of ethiology, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, rehabilitation and follow-up of different cancers. They should also understand the role of different levels of health care system during this process. 
Contents  Lectures covering clinical oncology and radiation therapy, different cancer treatment modalities and their eppliement in different malignant diseases and during palliative and terminal phases of these diseases. Special cancer types will be covered during lectures according to separate lecture schedule. Treatment of cancer associated pain is thaught in pain symposium organized by the department of anaesthesiology. Teaching of cancer epidemiology and screening is integrated into the curriculum of global health and teaching of prostate and breast cancer are integrated into surgical curriculum. 
Learning activities and teaching methods  Lectures30 t, group teaching 24 t, including 6 t on ward teaching, 6 t on out-patient unit, seminars 10 t and demonstration of radiotherapy palning 2 t.

During instructed outpatient working the student will familiarize with examination, treatment, rehabilitation and follow-up of cancer patients. The aim is to train students into independent work among cancer care. During seminar working the student will familiarize themselves with clinically relevant topics (palliative care, oncological acutology, problem solving and discussing with patients) trough problem based learning.

Recommended or required reading  Joensuu, Roberts, Teppo, Tenhunen: Syöpätaudit, 2007, Kustannus Oy Duodecim; UICC: TNM-luokituskirja ja UICC Clinical Oncology, viim.painos. Suositeltavaa kirjallisuutta: Joensuu H, Kouri M, Ojala A, Tenhunen M, Teppo L: Kliininen sädehoito. Duodecim viim.painos. Vainio A, Hietanen P: Palliatiivinen hoito. Duodecim viim.painos. Lahtinen T, Holsti LR: Kliininen säteilybiologia. Duodecim viim.painos. MacDonald IS: Palliative Medicine. Oxford Univ Press 1998. Bomford CK & Kunkler IH: Walter and Miller´s Textbook of Radiotherapy. Radiation Physics, Therapy and Oncology. Churchill Livingstone 2003. Elonen E, Järviluoma E: Solunsalpaajaopas. Duodecim viim.painos. Kallanranta T, Rissanen P, Vilkkumaa I: Kuntoutus. Duodecim viim.painos. Hänninen: Saattohoito. Duodecim viim.painos. 
Assessment methods and criteria  Final exam may be performed in finnish, swedish, english or germany. before entering final exam the student must have passed the entrance exam. Before the whole course can be accepted the student must have had an accepted final exam and performed all the group teachings. suoritukseen vähintään 50% maksimipistemäärästä. Lopputentti järjestetään 4 kertaa lukuvuodessa. 
Grading  0-5 
Person responsible  prpfessor Taina Turpeenniemi-Hujanen 

Current and future instruction
Functions Name Type ECTS cr Teacher Schedule
Registration Oncology  Course  Turpeenniemi-Hujanen, Taina Marjatta  02.08.21 -04.11.21

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Registration Oncology exam  Exam    10.11.21
Registration Oncology exam  Exam    13.12.21
Registration Oncology exam  Exam    17.03.22