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080202A Forensic medicine, 4 ECTS cr 
Code 080202A  Validity 01.01.1950 -
Name Forensic medicine  Abbreviation FORENSIC MEDICI 
Scope4 ECTS cr   
Type Intermediate Studies Discipline5401 Medicine 
  Grading1 - 5, pass, fail 
Preceding studies
    A540104 Awarded Title: Bachelor of Medicine
Unit Medicine 

Philippe Lunetta 

ECTS Credits 
Language of instruction  Finnish 
Timing  C8 
Learning outcomes  The student gets acquainted with legislation and legal status concerning doctor and patient, learns how to write medical certificates and statements, gets acquainted with the principles of death investigation and especially investigation of unexpected and violent deaths, and gets familiar with forensic way of thinking, e.g. how to act as a medical authority. 
Contents  The organization of forensic medicine in Finland. Forensic medicine as a medical speciality. Legal status and supervision concerning doctors, complaints against doctors. Professional secrecy. Medical certificates and statements, especially forensic statements. The organization of death investigations, causes of death and circulation of death certificates. Mechanisms of death and declaration of legal death. Legal status of the deceased and his/her relatives. Sexual forensic medicine. Traffic medicine. Homicides and suicides. Fatal intoxications and deaths related to drug abuse. Molecular biology in forensic medicine. Injuries by stabbing, incisive wounds, and injuries by blunt force. Fatal firearm injuries, burns and electrical fatalities. Hypothermia, suffocation and asphyxia, fatal pressure on the neck. Drowning and decompression. Pediatric forensic medicine. Death certificates, medical examinations for driving license, medical certificate of physical assault injuries and in sexual offences, certificate after an external post mortem examination, clinical drunkenness examination. 
Learning activities and teaching methods  Lectures 28 h. Autopsy demonstrations and slide shows 8 h, medical certificates 8 h. A visit to Oulu police department 1.5 h. 
Recommended or required reading  Penttilä A, Hirvonen J, Saukko P, Karhunen P (Eds). Oikeuslääketiede . 1st edition. Kustannus Oy Duodecim 2000. The contents of the lectures, demonstrations and practical training on medical certificates. 
Assessment methods and criteria  Obligatory participation in autopsy demonstrations. Lectures, slide shows and practical training on medical certificates. Examination. 
Grading  Examination with 7 questions. The evaluation scale of each question is from 0 to 6. The evaluation scale of the examination is 0-5, according to the total sum of the 7 questions (0-42). The student will not pass the examination if two or more of the answers are graded as 0. Three examinations are arranged each year. 
Person responsible  Professor Marja-Leena Kortelainen 

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