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040103A Medical Biochemictry and Molecular Biology, 14-15 ECTS cr 
Code 040103A  Validity 01.01.1950 -
Name Medical Biochemictry and Molecular Biology  Abbreviation Medical Biochem 
Scope14-15 ECTS cr   
TypeBasic Studies Discipline5401 Medicine 
  Grading1 - 5, pass, fail 
Unit Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine 

Karppinen, Peppi Leena Elina 

ECTS Credits  15 ECTS 
Timing  C2 
Learning outcomes 

Aim of this module is to learn the function of the cells at the molecular level and recognize the basic biochemical compounds, reactions and the overall regulation of various metabolic pathways, especially those which are meaningful for Medicine. Students will also learn the basics of chemistry, molecular biology and common methodology used in molecular biology.



General and inorganic chemistry: Basic concepts of chemistry; structure of atom; chemical bond; chemical formula, reaction and equations, stoichiometry; thermodynamics; phase equilibrium; reaction kinetics; chemical equilibrium; acid/base equilibrium; electrochemistry. Organic chemistry: nomenclature of organic compounds; carbon bonds; stereochemistry; properties and reactions of organic compounds; Structure of carbohydrates, amino acids, lipids and nucleic acids; metabolism of the carbohydrates, amino acids, lipids and nucleic acids; porphyrins and bile pigments; prostaglandins; thromboxanes; leukotrienes; regulation of gene expression; recombinant DNA technology; stem cells; intracellular messengers; energy metabolism; hormones; hypoxia response of the cells; components and function of extracellular matrix.


Learning activities and teaching methods 

Lectures 117 h. Optional possibility to practice calculations. Laboratory work including tutorial teaching and verbal evaluation, 5 works and 24 h. Essays. Theme day containing preliminary preparations 9 h.


Recommended or required reading 

Murray, R.K. (ed.): Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry, 28th edition, 2009.


R. Laitinen ja J. Toivonen: Yleinen ja epäorgaaninen kemia, soveltuvin osin. Otakustantamo. Harold Hart: Organic Chemistry. A short Course (soveltuvin osin), Houghton Mifflin Company, 6. (1983) tai uudempi painos. Luennot ja harjoitukset. Kemian opintojakson 39 työt -moniste (LTK/lääketieteellisen biokemian ja molekyylibiologian laitos).


R. Laitinen ja J. Toivonen: Yleinen ja epäorgaaninen kemia, soveltuvin osin. Otakustantamo. Harold Hart: Organic Chemistry. A short Course, Houghton Mifflin Company, 6. (1983) or updated edition. Lectures and laboratory work. Kemian opintojakson työt -moniste (LTK/lääketieteellisen biokemian ja molekyylibiologian laitos).


Assessment methods and criteria 

Medical biochemistry and molecular biology course includes 4 different intermediate exams; the first exam with principle of fail or accepted, and the rest exams will be graded (4 essays, 0-2.5 p/essay, points needed for passing 4.75).  Final exam consist of 5 essays  (0-10 p/essay). In final exams only 1 essay from 5 can have points lower than 4.5, otherwise exam will be failed. All the intermediate exams should be passed before participation in final exam.  



  5 = 42,5 or more; 4 = 37,5-42; 3 = 32,5-41,75;  2 = 27,5-32,25;  1= 23-32.

Person responsible  Professor Johanna Myllyharju 

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