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683777J, Eye tracking research in human sciences (HuTK), 2 ECTS cr
Code 683777J Languages of instruction English
Name Eye tracking research in human sciences (HuTK) Abbreviation Thematic Course 
Scope 2 ECTS cr  Unit Faculty of Humanities 
Form of study Course  Grading 1 - 5, pass, fail 
Date 01.10.2019 -03.10.2019 Additional data  
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The course is divided into two main components: The first one provides a conceptual framework to help you make better decisions when planning and executing a study, allowing you to turn eye tracking data into valuable insights. The second is a practical introduction to the challenges and trade-offs you will encounter during a study, helping you to establish a set of "good practices" that you can easily transfer to your research.

This course will allow attendees to explore key concepts in eye tracking research and help to integrate them in research. It particularly enables attendees to make better decisions to optimize their eye-tracking studies.


Key concepts:

- Choosing your eye tracker: what do different types of eye trackers measure?

- The ideal eye-tracking experiment

- Designing your study: the data-quality and data-analysis perspectives

- Working with Areas of Interest

- Eye tracking with difficult participants

- Reading and reporting eye-tracking data

Mode of delivery 

An average day will consist of both lectures and hands-on sessions. The course will last for two and a half days: 9am – 4 pm on 1st and 2nd of Oct, 9 am – 11:30 am on 3rd of October.

Target group 

The course is suitable for both those who are interested in and planning to conduct eye tracking research and those who are already involved in an eye tracking study and have specific questions they may need help with.

Person responsible 

Katja Dindar, postdoctoral researcher, Research Unit of Logopedics

Other information 

Course teachers:

Dr. Ignace Hooge, Utrecht University

Dr. Roy Hessels, Utrecht University


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