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353306S Information Literacy and Data Analysis, 5 ECTS cr  
Code 353306S  Validity 01.08.2019 -
Name Information Literacy and Data Analysis  Abbreviation Information Lit 
Scope 5 ECTS cr  
TypeAdvanced Studies Discipline 
  Grading1 - 5, pass, fail 
Unit Health Sciences 

Mimmi Tolvanen 

ECTS Credits 

5 ECTS cr

Language of instruction 



1st year spring term, 4th period

Learning outcomes 

The student is familiar with the research process and with the characteristics of scientific information including an ability to obtain and process scientific information, and to report and apply the results especially in the health sciences.
The student knows the role of scientific publications, can use and evaluate information sources critically. The student will be able to search research articles using basic literature retrieval methods and to use bibliographic databases available at the Medical Faculty.
The student knows basic principles in publication process, research ethics and good scientific practice.
The student is familiar with the basic research studies. The student is familiar with requirements for high quality reporting of research findings. Further, the student is able to analyze data with basic statistical methods, use basic statistical significance tests and inference methods, and evaluate critically scientific research reports.


Scientific information:
Principles of scientific research, ethics in research, research methods in the main disciplines (clinical medicine, epidemiology, biomedicine and health sciences).

Scientific communication:
Scientific journals, research articles, critical evaluation of research findings, ethics in scientific publication and bibliometrics.

Data analysis:
Aims and phases of statistical research, planning statistical research, obtaining data, variable distributions (frequencies, graphs and statistics), basics in statistical inference and methods (estimates, significance tests and confidence limits), basic methods in comparing groups and estimating associations between variables, specific methods applied in medical research. Critical reading of published research articles.

Mode of delivery 

Blended teaching

Learning activities and teaching methods 

Lectures, small group lessons, assignments and exam.

Target group 

Master students in health sciences

Recommended optional programme components 

352252S Methods of Statistical Analysis in Health Sciences

Recommended or required reading 

Material in lessons and small group lessons.

Assessment methods and criteria 

Regular and active participation in lectures, small group lessons, readiness tests and completion of practical projects and exams. 

Read more about assessment criteria at the University of Oulu webpage.



1-5 / fail

Person responsible 

Mimmi Tolvanen


Current and future instruction
Functions Name Type ECTS cr Teacher Schedule
Information Literacy and Data Analysis  Course  Mimmi Tolvanen  12.01.21 -22.04.21

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