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920003J Responsible research: publications, data, metrics and merits, 2 ECTS cr  
Code 920003J  Validity 01.08.2011 -
Name Responsible research: publications, data, metrics and merits  Abbreviation Responsible res 
Scope 2 ECTS cr  
TypePost-graduate Studies Discipline 
  Grading1 - 5, pass, fail 
Unit University of Oulu Graduate School, UniOGS 

Ursula Heinikoski 
Heli Ruotsalainen 

ECTS Credits 

2 ECTS credits / 54 hours of work

Language of instruction 

English on autumn term, Finnish on spring term.


The course unit is held in the autumn semester, during period II, and in the spring semester, during period IV. It is recommended to complete the course at the beginning of the doctoral studies.

Learning outcomes 

After completing the course the students

- are able to find the most important and high-impact international literature on their research subject,

- are familiar with the publishing practices in their field of study and know how to evaluate the importance of scientific publications,

- understand the issues associated with responsible science and the managing of research data,

- know how to apply what they have learned in the publishing process of an academic dissertation and/or article.


Finding scientific information and the most important databases. Reference management.

Evaluation of publications based on quantitative and qualitative methods. Visibility of researchers and research. Choosing publication channel. Responsible science, open access publishing, and managing of research data.

Mode of delivery 

Blended teaching

Learning activities and teaching methods 

Lectures and guided exercises 12h, web course 27h, self-study 15h


Target group 

Doctoral students

Recommended or required reading 

Open science - web course

Responsible research in the University of Oulu

Subject guides, where applicable

Assessment methods and criteria 

Participation in lectures and successful completion of the open science web course and course assignments.



Person responsible 

Ursula Heinikoski


Current and future instruction
Functions Name Type ECTS cr Teacher Schedule
Responsible research: publications, data, metrics and merits autumn 2021  Course  Heli Ruotsalainen  25.10.21 -29.11.21
registration period has not begun
Vastuullinen tutkimus:julkaisut, data, metriikka ja meritoituminen kevät 2022  Course  Heli Ruotsalainen  11.04.22 -23.05.22

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